Jodi Luby Self Portrait

Jodi Luby & Company, Inc. was founded in 1986 by principle and creative director Jodi Luby. Ms. Luby has a BFA in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduating with honors, she shifted focus to the work of graphic design at the premier corporate identity firm Anspach, Grossman, Portugal where she worked on identity programs for Texaco, Irving Trust, and J. Walter Thompson. After that she designed packaging at Gerstman + Meyers, followed by the position of Director of Graphics at the Space Design Group, an architectural interior design firm, overseeing unique brand development projects, as well as designing corporate signage programs for National Westminster Bank headquarters in New York City, International Paper’s New York headquarters, and BBDO.

Every project is personally handled by Jodi Luby, who coordinates with an experienced pool of top talent in writing, programming, print production, photography, video and other complementary services. The award winning work in direct marketing has been recognized by CDMA, Folio and a loyal long term client base.